Wholesale Price of Cbd Empty Cartridge Ceramic Coil Vape Pod

Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty cartridges ceramic coil vape podProducts Description:  ModelDSTZ Pod Size35*18.3*8.3mm,  38.5*18.3*8.3mm Atomizer Capacity 0.5ml , 1.0ml optionalOil Intake Holesnormal size 1.3mmx2 (1.0ml), 1.6mmx2(0.5ml) Heating Element Ceramic Coil  Feature&nb

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Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty cartridges ceramic coil vape pod

Products Description:
 ModelDSTZ Pod
 Size35*18.3*8.3mm,  38.5*18.3*8.3mm
 Atomizer Capacity 0.5ml , 1.0ml optional
Oil Intake Holesnormal size 1.3mmx2 (1.0ml), 1.6mmx2(0.5ml)
 Heating Element Ceramic Coil 
 Feature High Quality, No Leaking, huge vapor
 Packaging100pc/foam tray in black box
Compatible with for STIIIZY battery, DSTZ battery

1.DSTZ disposable vape pods designed for DSTZ battery, And compatible Stiiizy.

2.DSTZ pod intake hole size 2*1.6mm/1.2mm for thin and thick oil. premium performance.

3.DSTZ pod Use lead-free metal materials, don't worry about heavy metals.

Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod
Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod
Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod
Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod
Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod



1. Oil Intake Hole Size - What Does It Mean and Why is it Important?
If you have ever purchased a vaporizer cartridge, you may have asked yourself 'What are those little holes on the inside of the cartridge?" Well, don't worry, because you are not alone. Turns out, most users have no idea what those holes are for. They vary in size 2.0mm, 1.6mm, 1.2mm, 0.9mm.  these holes are actually one of the most important aspects of a cartridge, and can determine how well your product will pull when inhaling.
when it comes to determining the right Oil Intake Hole Size is quite simple: "The Thicker the Oil, The Bigger the Hole."  If the oil that you are wanting to fill the cartridges with has a very thin consistency, then 0.9 mm Oil Intake Hole Size might be the best route. But if the consistency of the oil is really thick, then you might want to look into the 1.6 mm or 2.0mm cartridge.

The best way to check which oil intake hole is right for you is by testing out each hole size first. It's very important that you have the right hole size for your oil, because not only will it affect the amount which you are inhaling, but hole sizes that are too big or too small for your oil can cause leaks in the cartridge.

So the next time you decide that you need a new vaporizer cartridge, make sure you know exactly what it is you are looking for first, and if you are not sure, please contact us.

 A related benefit of ceramic coils is that they reduce the chance of getting the unpleasant taste that usually accompanies a dry hit. You won't burn your cotton, and so the gross taste of singed wick material becomes a thing of the past.

 Ceramic coils also reduce the chance of spitback, because any e-liquid that does spit out of the coil has to make its way through the ceramic before it could get to your mouth. The small pores in ceramics also make it difficult for juice to pool up around your coil, which is one of the biggest causes of spitback.

 there is an improvement in flavor from using ceramic coils. From experience, it certainly does give a very clean flavor and there is nothing in a ceramic coil that will react or otherwise interfere with the flavor of your e-liquid. The increased surface area stemming from the porous ceramic material should also mean more juice is vaporized with each puff, which also contributes to flavor.

3. Why Choose Us?
1). We are cbd cartridges/ batteries manufacturer with 6 years experience.we just do high quality products.
2). 6+ years experience professional OEM/ODM service team.
3). E-cigarette customized manufacturing service provided.
4). Comparing the quality on the basis of same price, comparing the price on the basis of same quality, our product is good quality one also with the most competitive prices. Our products are top grade. It is with abundant models, good quality and stable performance.

4. RFQ
Q1:How to make sample/wholesale orders?
A: 1)Dear Sir/Madam,if you are interested in our products,please send me an inquiry.
     2)For sample orders,the turn around time is 1-2 working days,shipping time is 2-3 days.
     3)For wholesale orders,sample first would be great for both of us.
Q2:What are the cartridges/batteries OEM options?
A:  1)MOQ:500/1000pcs/2000pcs or more (More logo cost for 500pcs OEM orders)
    2)Logo place for the cartridge:Mouthpiece/glass(plastic) tube/heating base.
     3)Logo place for the battery:Body, bottom cap.
     4)Technics:Silk print/Laser/Engrave,etc.
     5)If you don't need to order that much yet,that's not a problem,you can pay 1000pcs' OEM cost first :)

Q3:Do you make packagings and what otpions?
A:  1)MOQ:1000pcs
     2)Packaging types:Paper box packaging/Lid and case packaging/Blister packaging;
     3)Technics:Gold stamp/UV vanish/Emboss/Deboss/Matt lamination/Glossy lamaination,etc.
     4)If you already have the box design,that would be awesome,if u don't have it yet,we can design it together or send you the template.
     5)Original pakcaging: cartridge(foam tray + black box), battery(small white box)

Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod

Wholesale Prices of Cbd Empty Cartridges Ceramic Coil Vape Pod

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