• Best Delta-8 Carts: Top Delta 8 Brands For THC Carts & Weed Vape Pen | Kitsap Daily News

    by admin on 2022-06-04 02:36:42

    The popularity of delta-8 has been steadily increasing in the last few years. Many people prefer delta-8 because it is not as strong as delta-9. Delta-8 carts are the more favorable choice amongst smokers as they are discreet. As a result, there is an abundance of carts available, all with var

  • Marijuana is still illegal to sell in Va., but that's not stopping retailers (including a senator) - Virginia Mercury

    by admin on 2022-06-04 02:36:36

    A cereal bar infused with THC purchased from a cannabis dispensary co-owned by Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth. The store, the Cannabis Outlet, sells the products for $30. Virginia legislators are attempting to end the sale of largely untested and unregulated synthetic THC products. (Ned Oliv

  • Champlin man sentenced to prison for possessing 77,000 THC vaping cartridges - StarTribune.com

    by admin on 2022-06-04 02:36:33

    A Twin Cities man has been sentenced to a term of roughly 5 1⁄2 years for possessing nearly 77,000 THC vape cartridges confiscated at a Coon Rapids home in what authorities at the time called the largest seizure of its kind in Minnesota history.

    Valentin V. Andonii, 25, of Champlin w

  • Reports: Mercury's Brittney Griner arrested with drugs in Russia

    by admin on 2022-06-04 02:36:18

    Phoenix Mercury's Brittney Griner was reportedly arrested in Russia last month after she was found with vaping cartridges.

    Griner was reportedly arrested in February when officials found "vape cartridges in her carry-on luggage at a Moscow airport," The New York Post said, citing Russian

  • 5 DIYs to Change and Prep Vape Coil - Legal Reader

    by admin on 2022-05-28 11:36:10

    You’ll rapidly grow used to changing coils in your vaping journey.

    So, you’ve just received your new vaporizer and have been blissfully puffing away, producing huge clouds of vapor and generally enjoying life. However, you’ll soon discover that the vapor clouds are b

  • Membrane Microfiltration Market Anticipated to Register a Positive CAGR of 7.9% in The Forecast Period 2022-2028 - PharmiWeb.com

    by admin on 2022-05-28 11:36:06

    According to Future Market Insights forecasts, sales revenue in the membrane microfiltration market is anticipated to cross US$ 8 Bn by 2028, from an estimated value of about US$ 3.8 Bn in 2018.

    A decadal growth rate of 7.8% can be attributed to several factors, of which Future Market In

  • Blue Dream - Uplifted cannabis industry branding & marketing.

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    The cannabis vaporizer manufacturing industry’s reputation has long been tainted by inferior products and counterfeits in the market, so the founders of Cilicon have developed an ultimate solution for all potential business partners. Cilicon is committed to delivering quintessential cann

  • The 4 Best High-Tech Weed Accessories of 2022

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    Every product is carefully selected by our editors. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission.

    Canna-business is booming. Why is it so hard to buy decent gear?

    When it comes to anything having to do with cannabis, two things are often true at the same time.

  • kir-logo

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    Vaping is quite cool, there is no denying that right now, especially with so many people doing it. Well, have you tried vaping CBD? If you are yet to do so, we recommend that you give it a try today. This is because vaping CBD oil can leave you enjoying the benefits a lot faster. This would ma

  • Yocan Cerum Atomizer Review

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    Many entry-level solutions are more than enough to satisfy our basic vaping needs. Very often, though, that is not enough.

    If you’re a more demanding buyer who needs more from their vaporizer, Yocan Cerum jumps to the rescue. This fully ceramic atomizer can create a truly astounding ar