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2023-01-07 20:32:27 By : Mr. David Hu

Most smart home products promise to save you time by allowing you to create schedules to automate tasks like turning on your lights, but taking advantage of that functionality requires first creating those schedules. Nanoleaf's newest product line promises to do that work for you. Announced at CES 2023, the Sense+ Control family consists of three products: the Sense+ Smart Light Switch, Sense+ Wireless Light Switch and Nala Learning Bridge. All three are Matter and Thread enabled. They also feature built-in motion and ambient light sensors. The Nala Learning Bridge (pictured above) acts as a Thread Border Router so that you can use it as the hub of your smart home network. You can also use the Nala Learning Bridge as a night light to add a bit of ambiance to a room.

Nala is also the name of Nanoleaf's new Automations Learning Assistant and what makes the Sense+ Control line interesting. The company claims Nala can learn your routines and eventually know when to turn your lights on or off and adjust their brightness and color to your liking. "Over time, users will be able to have a truly intelligent and hands-free experience with the smart lighting in their home," says Nanoleaf. The Sense+ Control line will arrive in the second half of the year. Nanoleaf also plans to update its existing Thread Border Routers to support Nala. Srt Emblem


Alongside the Sense+ Control line, the company announced several other new products. First, there's the Nanoleaf 4D, a system for synchronizing your Nanoleaf lights with your TV. Set to arrive before the second half of the year, the 4D Starter Kit will ship with Nanoleaf's new Screen Mirror Camera and a Matter-compatible Lightstrip that features 50 addressable LED zones and four mirroring modes. With the help of the company's Sync+ technology, you can synchronize the Lightstrip and all your Nanoleaf lights with the action on your TV. If you want more consistent lighting, the Sync+ platform also supports the usual assortment of pre-made scenes, including Nanoleaf favorites like "Aurora Borealis" and "Vibrant Sunrise."

When installing the Nanoleaf 4D, you can mount the camera on top of your TV or just below it. You'll find adhesive and snap-on brackets inside the box for attaching the Lightstrip. At launch, Nanoleaf will offer the 4D TV Starter Kit in two sizes: one for 55- to 65-inch TVs and another for 70- to 80-inch sets. No word yet on pricing.

Nanoleaf is also adding a ceiling light to its line of modular wall panels. The aptly named Skylight consists of a set of square RGBW LED panels you can freely arrange to create different patterns on your ceiling. Skylight comes with all the features you expect from a Nanoleaf product, including the company's screen mirroring technology, music visualizer and support for group scenes. You can use the Nanoleaf app to adjust the brightness, color and color temperature of Skylight's built-in LEDs. Like the Nala Learning Bridge, Skylight also doubles as a Thread Border router. Nanoleaf says it will launch its latest modular lighting system in the second half of the year. Expect pricing details to arrive around then too.

Last but not least, Nanoleaf is updating its Essentials line to add BR30 and GU10 models. The company is also refreshing existing Essentials models, including its original A19 lightbulb, to make them Matter compatible. Owners of existing Nanoleaf products won't be left out either. The company says it will roll out a software update for its Shapes, Elements, Canvas and Lines lighting products later this year to make them Matter-compatible.

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