CCELL Sets a New Standard of Vaporizer Safety with Upgraded 316L Stainless Steel Cartridges

2022-08-08 03:36:16 By : Mr. Kevin Chan

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877-269-7890 from 8 AM - 10 PM ET

SHENZHEN, China , April 19, 2021 /CNW/ -- CCELL, the world's leading brand of vaporizers, has upgraded its cartridge core component material to medical-grade 316L stainless steel — setting a new benchmark for safety in the industry.

Stainless steel is known to be corrosion resistant, but some grades perform better than others. 316L stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance — c ommonly used in medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment and food processing. Therefore, CCELL applied this medical-grade stainless steel to the core component of the vaporizer cartridge to challenge the highest safety standard.

A cartridge, or "cart," is a small tank that pre-filled oil designed for vape. Cartridges can be made of a combination of plastic, metal, and glass.

Due to public concerns, various states such as California and Michigan have set up strict regulations that require product manufacturers to show compliance by measuring primary heavy metals, including lead (Pb), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), and more. All levels must be below maximum limits to obtain a Certificates of Analysis from an authorized lab.

CCELL's upgraded product samples were sent for testing to a Southern California's Licensed Laboratory, and subsequently received its Certificate of Analysis. Moreover, test results show that when used with various oils, the products significantly exceeded California and Michigan's regulatory standard requirements – once again demonstrating CCELL's commitment to go beyond compliance and set a new standard of vaporizer safety.

At present, CCELL has already updated the majority of its product lines, including most of 510 thread (press-fit mouthpiece), pods, and disposable cartridges. Remaining two products are slated for an upgrade later this year.

"While the vaporizer market is rife with low-quality and low-priced products that compromise safety, CCELL instead has always put safety as highest priority since our inception. We take stringent quality control from raw materials to finished products. Our raw materials have been certified by the FDA and RoHS. And finished products are manufactured in facilities certified by ISO and cGMP. By making the switch to 316L stainless steel, we are surpassing our already-high safety standards to create a more enjoyable experience, " said Joe S., VP of CCELL.

As a burgeoning industry, CCELL's ultimate holding company, Smoore International Holdings Limited ("SMOORE") continues to invest in research and development and is continuously striving to enhance products' safety. In 2020, SMOORE invested 4.2% of its revenue in R&D, and presently owns a significant number of patents in the field of atomization technology. Backed by SMOORE's strong capabilities, CCELL plans to expand its growth by investing further in R&D and establishing Research Institutes globally. These will enable CCELL to conduct in-depth R&D into the efficient atomization, transmission, absorption, and product safety in 2021 and beyond.

CCELL is a global innovator and pioneer with a mission of leading portable vaporizers to perfection. CCELL was born in the headquarter of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, which has 12 years of expertise in the vaporization industry. With advanced R&D resources, strong production capability and reliable quality control system, CCELL has successfully upgraded the industrial standard of vaporizing technology while others try to follow.

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